7 Lighthouses yet, and counting….

A challenge to visit all the century-old lighthouse in the Philippines. Follow our series of adventure as we explore every “lonely sentinel of the sea”.

Date Added (newest-oldest)


07 Monbon Lighthouse
-Matnog, Sorsogon
-Status: Inactive
-Tower Height: 65ft. (19.8m)
Monbon Lighthouse <——
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06 Apo Reef Lighthouse
-Apo Reef Island, Occidental Mindoro
-Status: Active
-Tower Height: 110ft. (33.5m)
Apo Reef Lighthouse <——

05 Capones Lighthouse
-San Antonio, Zambales
-Status: Inactive
-Tower Height: 65ft. (19.8m)
Capones Lighthouse <——
04 Bagacay Point Lighhouse
-Lilo-an, Cebu
-Status: In ruins
-Tower Height: 72ft. (21.9m)
Bagacay Point Lighthouse <——
03 Malabrigo Lighthouse
-Lobo, Batangas
-Status: Active
-Tower Height: 56ft. (17.1m)
Malabrigo Lighthouse <——
02 Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
-Bolinao, Pangasinan
-Status: Active
Tower Height:101ft. (30.8m)
Cape Bolinao Lighthouse <——
01 Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
-Burgos Ilocos Norte
-Status: Active
-Tower Height: 66ft. (20.1m)
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse <——