Bohol Adventure

Bohol island is strategically located in the heart of central Philippines. It is one of the fast growing province in the country in terms of infrastructure and economic development backed by its strong eco-tourism and agro industries.


As we continue our journey in Visayas, we left Cebu around 7AM and took the first scheduled trip to Bohol. After 2hour of boat ride, we reached Port of Tagbilaran.

We booked a tour package one week before the trip.We started the tour around 8AM, visited first the Blood Compact Site monument which is a landmark at the site of the first international treaty of friendship between Spaniards and Filipinos. Behind the monument is a magnificent view of Bohol Sea.

We then headed of to historic catholic church which is Baclayon Church, declared as a National Historic Treasure in 1995 because it is considered the best preserved of its kind in the region.

Next Stop – phyton sanctuary, Bohol is also known of one of its poster phytons. If you’re the adventurous kind, you can touch/hold phyton and take pictures .

After the three destination, we headed to Loboc Cruise. We took our buffet lunch while enjoying the romantic tour along the famed Loboc River. What it lacks in topnotch cuisine, the tour package compensates with a pretty amazing cruise.

Right after the relaxing river cruise we headed to Butterfly sanctuary. This place features a plethora of more than 60 species of butterflies where tourist can take photos of. We met “Kuya Archie” – Tour guide, he explain the life cycle of butterflies and their metamorphosis much to the enjoyment of everyone listening

We then headed to the main tourist attraction in Bohol. First is the famous tarsiers, these specie of Loboc have drawn audiences not only from the Philippines but also from around the world. I found them really cute and quite adorable. They all seemed to have their own personalities. My photos express this quite possibly. One’s visit to Bohol, it won’t be complete without a glimpse of the world’s smallest primate.

The second main tourist attraction are the chocolate hills. They are really beautiful to see personally. You have to do a hike up to the main view deck. At this point , we witnessed the spectacular view of more than hundreds of hill and feel the cool breeze while taking photos from view deck. It was fantastic.

We then headed to our last destination – Hangin Bridge, is laid over 20 to 25 meters high above and spans 40 meters long of woven bamboo slats with steel cable wires as hand rails. At the other end you will find a shop selling the cheapest souvenirs.

This tour made me realized how important to protect our environment. However, used this as a tool for a first glimpse of your tour, to build excitement and enhance understanding.

Cebu & Bohol Adventure Video <—–link


Budget Breakdown:

200 – Terminal Fee
1500 – City Tour with lunch (CNT lechon)
300 – Day 1 Accomodation
800 – Sky Experience Adventure (Sky walk &Edge Coaster)
150 – Dinner Day1
48 – City to Dalaguete plus terminal Fee
200 – habal habal to O’Peak
20 – Reg fee (O’ Peak)
100 – Habal Habal to kawasan
20 – Reg Fee (Kawasan)
50 – Share cottage
42 – Kawasan to Cebu City
110 – Dinner Day 2

250 – Cebu City – Bohol/ Terminal Fee
4500 – Accomodation/Panglao (Food Supply)
750 – Danao Adventure Park (The, Plunge, Swislide and Kamira Cave)
500 – Pasalubong etc..
50 – Terminal Fee

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