Osmena Peak Traverse Kawasan Falls

Osmeña Peak is situated in Mantalongon, Dalaguete also known as Little Baguio of Cebu  because of the vast vegetable farms in the area. The mountain is actually a series of rugged peaks that have been compared with the Chocolate Hills of Bohol because of its interesting formations.

This mountain  known to be the highest peak in the province and Island of Cebu, having a height of approximately 1000 meters above sea level. It is uniquely different from any other mountain peaks in the Philippines. Multiple jagged hills, or quite simply known as the Mantalungon range, are grouped together overlooking and stretching as far as the Badian shorelines.

We reached the summit after fifteen minutes of trekking.To maximize our time, we asked the driver of habal habal to drop us near the foot of the mountain.

At the peak – we saw the glimpse of breathtaking green scenery that surrounds us, from that point our day already completed. We were amaze in natural beauty of the mountain.

The real challenge was the traverse to Kawasan Falls. The trail to Kawasan Falls in Barangay Matutinao, Badian is a cut through headed to the southwest direction and follows a rugged terrain downhill. The path, usually treaded by locals carrying heavy loads of farm produce, is rocky and at times slippery. The landscape is mostly farmed with few tall trees. The trail passes by hidden valleys, lime canyons, green plateaus, slight elevations, and lowlands.

We don’t have a guide traversing this mountain, we just always asked to the friendly locals that we met along the trail “Saan Padulong Kawasan” – it means “Where is the way to Kawasan” , then they replied cebuano also, which is we cannot also understand.  ^_^

After four hours of trekking, there’s no sign for us or even hear the falls. The group decided to take another Habal-Habal ride way to Kawasan.

This blog will continue to our Adventure in Kawasan Falls<—— Click here

Osmena Peak Traverse Kawasan Falls Adventure Video<——link



Day 1
0530 At Caltex, take Dalaguete-bound minibus

0830 Arrival; Register at Mantalongon Barangay Hall
0840 Breakfast Mantalongon (buy pack lunch)
0930 Take Habal-Habal
1030 Start trek foot of Osmeña Peak
1045 Summit (picture Taking
1130 Start Descent
1230Along The Trail0 Lunch
1330 Resumed Trek to Kawasan
1430 Take Habal-habal direct to Kawasan
1500 Enjoy Swimming Kawasan Falls
1730 Start trek down to Matutinao Bus Stop/Church
1800 Ride bus to Cebu City
2100 Back in Cebu City


Budget Breakdown:

(6 pax)
42 – City to Mantolongon
5 – Terminal Fee (Bus Station)
150 – Food ( Breakfast Lunch)
100 – Habal Habal (to osmena peak)
20 – Reg Fee (O’Peak)
100 – Habal Habal (to kawasan falls)
200 – cottage fee
50 – Guide fee (kawasan)

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