Kawasan Falls | Badian Cebu

Kawasan Falls is a three-tiered cascade of crystal clear waterfalls. It is the highlight of Barangay Matutinao. The waterfalls makes-up the Matutinao River system, also awarded many times as the cleanest inland body of water in the country.

As we continue our adventure here in Cebu. We traverses the forest side of O’peak going to Kawasan Falls. After  four hours of trekking the group decided to take Habal-Habal again to maximize our time.

We reached Kawasan Falls around 1330H. We had a late lunch beside the falls, afterwards, we started exploring and enjoying the falls.

These falls are the most popular tourist destination in Badian Cebu. It is well visited by both foreign and local tourist.

The water coming from the falls is clean and crystal clear, as a matter of fact, “Tilapia” (fresh water fish) and shrimp can be seen.

We also explored the other side of the falls the second and third level.

Our adventure in Cebu is such a wonderful and memorable experience . Climbing Osmena Peak and swimming to three tiered Kawasan Falls is a must try.We strongly encouraged everyone to visit these beautiful places, only here in Cebu. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Another Successful daytrip adventure, tomorrow is another day of adventure,  Bohol your next!.. can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

Osmena Peak Traverse Kawasan Falls Adventure Video<——link



0530 At Caltex, take Dalaguete-bound minibus

0830 Arrival; Register at Mantalongon Barangay Hall
0840 Breakfast Mantalongon (buy pack lunch)
0930 Take Habal-Habal
1030 Start trek foot of Osmeña Peak
1045 Summit (picture Taking
1130 Start Descent
1230Along The Trail0 Lunch
1330 Resumed Trek to Kawasan
1430 Take Habal-habal direct to Kawasan
1500 Enjoy Swimming Kawasan Falls
1730 Start trek down to Matutinao Bus Stop/Church
1800 Ride bus to Cebu City
2100 Back in Cebu City


Budget Breakdown:

(6 pax)
42 – City to Mantolongon
5 – Terminal Fee (Bus Station)
150 – Food ( Breakfast Lunch)
100 – Habal Habal (to osmena peak)
20 – Reg Fee (O’Peak)
100 – Habal Habal (to kawasan falls)
200 – cottage fee
50 – Guide fee (kawasan)

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