Tarak Ridge

Mt. Mariveles or also known as Tarak Ridge is one of the prominent destinations in Marivels Bataan/Mt. Mariveles mountain range. Starting point  at Brgy. Alas-asin. These mountains are among of the nearest major climbs in Manila.

This is the first major climb of our group  – Outdoor Trippers. We had a good start, with a good weather  and the trail a bit gradual. As we enter the forested part, challenge started to take place, tour at the foot of the mountain suddenly ends – trails became steeper.

We took our lunch at Nanay’s mini Nipa hut. After a heavy lunch, we decided not to start trek to avoid scorching heat of the sun. Had a social with locals and enjoy the company of the group.

Upon reaching the  papaya river, we decided to take rest for thirty minutes. While chilling, we had our snacks and replenished  our water container, which we will use for dinner preparation.

After three hours of trekking, we reached the ridge and searched for the campsite. We pitched our tents beside the ridge – a mini forest near the trail.

During our social, Kuya Allan introduced a game called “Mafia”. We also played “Pinoy Henyo”. We had an amazing socials indeed, everyone joined.

Rise and shine! – we continued our journey to the mountain (time to reach the summit).

The ridge is just pretty straight forward and the strong wind will gently greet you. At the top of the ridge, you will enter a mini mossy forest. There’s a lot of roots to cling on.

At the peak with little time to spare. We managed to make the most of our shots and time. It was a successful Major Climb for all of us.

Tarak Ridge Adventure Video <——link



Day 1

0500 Board Genesis Pasay bus lines to Balanga, Bataan
0800 ETA Balanga; take mini-bus to Brgy. Alas-asin
0930 ETA Alas-asin; register at Brgy. Hall
1000 Start trek
1300 ETA Papaya river; lunch
1330 Resume trek to woodlands
1500 ETA Tarak Ridge; set up camp
1530 Explore the summit (there is a mossy forest there)
1730 Back at the Ridge; await the sunset; prepare for dinner
2000 Lights out

Day 2

0600 Breakfast; break camp
0700 Start descent
0730 ETA Papaya river
1000 Back at jump-off point.
1100 ETA Balanga via minibus.



Budget Breakdown:

160 -Genesis Bus(pasay) – Mariveles
40 – Reg Fee Brgy. Alas -asin
150 – Share food (dinner breakfast lunch)
40 – Mini Bust Mariveles – Balanga
90 – Balanga Manila

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