Mt. Manalmon Overnight

Mt. Manalmon is a part of biak na bato National Park in San Miguel Bulacan. As part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, this hidden paradise offers a variety of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, rapelling, spelunking, river tubing, swimming at the River, crossing the monkey bridge and more. This place is fit for outdoor enthusiast.

This is the Paul’s 1st Birthday climb. After a successful climb in Mt. Marami, we decided to set another climb to celebrate his Birthday, because we loved the outdoors,I chose Mt. Manalmon. It offers a lot of activity.

First activity is caving in Bayukbok and Madlum Cave, then crossing the monkey bridge, and trekking to the campsite.

At the campsite we took a dip to madlum river. Then we prepare foods for dinner. Having our socials in the middle of the forest feels so serene, you will definitely feel the freedom. Our guide “Kuya Mario” shared some stories about the place,  and suggested ways on how we can help and protect our environment.

The next day, we prepare breakfast such as feasted danggit, egg, fried rice and some left over food from the last night’s dinner. Afterwards, we decided to break camp and start  resuming our trek all the way to the summit.

After we passed monkey bridge we hit our way to the campsite of Mt. Manalmon. Kuya Mario assisted us. Follow the continuation of our adventure

We had a quick picture taking and then started our descent to have more time to spare dipping in Madlum River.

Upon reaching the Jump-off area (Mang Carding’s Place), we prepared our early lunch and had a boodle fight.

Then the rest of our time was allotted for us to stay at Madlum River. It was a memorable and thrilling adventure.

Mt. Manalmon Adventure Video <——link



Day 1 (Feb. 18, 2012)
0500 : Assembly (Baliwag Transit, Cubao)

0530 : ETD Baliwag Terminal
0730 : ETA Brgy. Kamias, San Miguel, Bulacan
(Tricycle Terminal in Brgy. Kamias. This is near the highway ).
0735 : ETD – Brgy. Kamias
0735 – 0800 : Buy Supplies and Food
0900 : ETA : Madlum River (picture/breakfast)
0915 : ask locals for Mang Carding He lives in a house across the Madlum River which you need to cross either by walking through cable wires suspended 20 feet over the river or by borrowing a raft from the locals.
0930-1030 : Cross Cable wires over the river to get to Registration Area
1030 – 1040 : Register in Mang Carling’s house, pay guide fee to Madlum Cave and leave packs
1040 – 1110 : Explore Madlum Cave
1110 – 1210 : Bouldering outside Madlum Cave
1210 – 0140 : Eat lunch, rest in Mang Carling’s house
1340 : Ride Raft to jump-off
1340-1415 : ETA : Madlum river extension, Stopover to swim
1415-1515 : Swim
1645 : ETA Campsite Near Summit
1700 : Prepare/Cook for Dinner
1800 : Dinner
1900 : Socials (Party!!Party!!)
Day 2 (Feb. 18, 2012)
0600 : Wake up call
0630 : Cook for breakfast
0730 : Breakfast
0800 : Start Trek to Summit / take pictures
0900 : Back to camp site
1000 : Wash-up / Swim at Madlum river /Zipline
1100 : Back at jump-off; proceed back to Brgy. Kamias
1230 : Take bus back to Manila


Budget Breakdown

198 (Baliwag Bus) Cubao to Bulacan (ordinary) (vice versa
100 Tricycle to Sitio Madlum (Vice Versa)
5 Balsa Fee
20 Reg Fee
30 Bayukbok Cave Fee
600 Guide Fee (overnight Fee) Mandatory
100 Share food

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