Mt. Tagapo Day Hike

Mt. Tagapo is situated at the heart of Laguna de Bay. This mountain is an easy minor climb and very accessible, you only need to board a pumpboat from the Binangonan Port to reach the island of Brgy. Janosa.

This is my second time climbing Mt. Tagapo, I’m already familiar with the trail, so I voluntereed my self as a guide for Egya’s Birthday Climb

We reached the campsite around 1100H, and took our lunch courtesy of “Egya” at the campsite. She prepared a delicious “Adobong Manok” with rice. We proceeded with summit assault around 1400H. In the summit, we saw the 360 degree view of Laguna de bay, plus a glance of other peak around it.

After a successful assault, we headed back to the jump-off area. We used the restrooms ofΒ  “Tatay Edie”, the father of our “Kuya Archie” and paid 20pesos for “Ligo”.

While waiting for others andΒ  pumpboat to arrive, we took our snacks near the Barangay Hall.

As our boat glided over Laguna de bay, we witnessed the beautiful sunset. The view was just amazing!. We had short socials at the boat and shared our experiences as we climb the beautiful mountain of Tagapo.

A Successful Birthday Climb of “Egya” – thanks for the free lunch. We wish you more birthdays and mountains to climb.. Until your next Birthday Climb

While the boat glided over Laguna de Bay, we witnessed a gorgeous sunset, the best I have ever seen. Like a radiating giant egg yolk, the sun descended over stilt huts while cool winds gently swooshed around us until we got back to the port. Though I was tired, I couldn’t sleep because the views were just amazing and I couldn’t resist relishing the winds. With the darker hues of the sky, everything I saw on our way here looked more dramatic.

Mt. Tagapo Adventure Video <——link


Our Itinerary:

06:00 am – Assembly Time Star Mall (crossing)
07:00 am – ETD Binangnan Port
08:30 am – ETD Brgy. Janosa (Talim Island)
09:30 am – ETA Brgy. Janosa
10:45 am – Arrival at Brgy. Janosa Port, register at the barangay hall
11:30 am – Start trek
12:00 nn – ETA Campsite (Lunch)
01:30 pm – Summit Assault
02:00 pm – ETA Summit (explore)
03:00 pm – Start Descend
04:30 pm – ETA Jump-off
05:00 pm – ETD Binangonan Port
06:00 pm – ETA Binangona Port
06:30 pm – ETD Manila
08:00 pm – ETA Manila


Budget Breakdown:

41 – Crossing – Binangona Port
30 – Bonangonan Port – Brgy. Janosa
20 – Reg. Fee (Bargy. Janosa)
20 – Ligo
30 – Brgy. Janosa – Binangonan Port
41 – Binangona Port – Crossing
100 – Dinner

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