Pico de Loro Traverse

Pico de loro Traverse is an unusual route where the exit point is the town of Nasugbu Batangas.

After a successful Mt. Maculot reverse climb, we decided to have a year ender climb, and our chosen Mountain is my “Mother Mountain”- Pico de Loro!. Its nice to be back after my first climb last april of this year. To make it more exciting and different, we decided to do a traverse climb to Nasugbu Batangas.

We also planned to visit the falls of Mt. Palay-Palay, because the last time I visit here, we don’t have a chance to see it due to the dry season.

After 1hour of trekking, we turned left in Pico de Loro signage to visit the falls.We’re glad to see  the falls and decided to take our lunch beside it.

Socials is the best part of every climb, we had a great time exchanging our corny jokes and sharing some thoughts on how we can protect our nature. We also had our chance to know more our climbing buddy.

The next day – we took our breakfast and prepared our packed lunch.

This time, we carried our full packs all the way to the summit. I reached the Parrot’s Beak for the second time and started to get ready for the traverse.

The real challenge arrives, the traverse!. We took two hours of walking in the park trail.

After three hours of trekking, we reached the end point of the trail and saw the cemented road leading to Nasugbu, Batangas. We just lay down on the road, which served as our own bed! We rested for a couple of minutes.

Pico de loro Traverse Batulao Adventure Video <——link

We arranged a service on the way to Nasugbu Proper and took our late lunch at Andoks..

Follow our third day in Mt. Batulao..<——link



Day 1

0700 Assembly Time 7eleven Boni
1000 ETA Ternate town proper; rent tricycle to Magnetic Hill
1030 ETA DENR/jump-off point
1100 Start trek. Note that jump-off point is 10 minutes walk away from DENR
1145 ETA Base Camp 1, rest for LUNCH
1215 Start trek to campsite
1500 ETA campsite, pitch tent
1530 Explore the area
1600 Picture Taking
1800 Dinner
1700 Socials

Day 2

0700 Wake up call, prepare for breakfast
0800 Breakfast (Break Camp)
0830 Summit Assault
0900 ETA Summit
1000 Start Traverse to Nasugbu
1130 Manggahan
1230 ETA end of the trail (Roda to Nasugbu)
1300 Arrange Tricycle to Nasugbu Proper
1345 ETD Nasugbu Proper
1400 Late lunch (andoks)
1500 Re-supply (nasugbu Market)
1600 ETD Evercrest (Mt. Batulao Jump-off)
1800 ETA Evercrest (wash-up)
1930 Dinner (jump-off Area)
2030 Start Trekking (night Trek)
2130 ETD peak 8 (campsite) pitch tent
2200 Socials (snack)
Lights out

Day 3

0530 Wake-up call (prepare breakfast and packed lunch)
0700 Start Traversing Mt. Batulao
0830 ETA Summit
0930 Start Descend
1200 Lunch along the Trail
1300 Resume Trek
1500 ETA evercrest (wash-up)
1630 ETD Manila
1900 ETA Manila


Budget Breakdown:

15 Boni – Baclaran
53 Baclaran -Ternate
200 Tricycle Ternate to DENR (3pax)
20 Base Camp 1
100 Share Food
80 Tricycle Traverse (Nasugbu Proper)
100 Lunch (day 2)
35 Nasugbu to Evercrest
10 New Trail registration
10 Old Trail Registration
120 Nasugbu – Manila

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