Mt. Sembrano Overnight

Mt. Sembrano is a known hiking destination in Pililla Rizal, Some of my friends already climbed this mountain, so I’m  got curious and wanted to visit this mountain. We arrived at Barangay Malaya around 0900H. We started our trek and reached the Mangahan around 1000H. We took our early lunch and explored the area. At Mangahan we heard that there’s a nearby falls, but we were not able to visit it that day.

As we continued our trek, we had option not to hire a guide because the trails are well established. However, there are some crossroads that might get you lost. Fortunately, there are locals who assisted by leading us to the right way, and it’s mostly to the right. I suggest putting on some training just to prepare the legs and knees for the gradual ascent.

We had some delays in our itinerary, because “Boy Pulikat” always experienced muscle cramps. We had to stop and render attention to him. We reached the campsite around 1400H.

We explored the area and rested a bit while enjoying the view and the relaxing wind after a tiresome hike. We camped near the opening of the grassland, we’re aware of the theft issues in this place, and made sure that we secure our things before going to sleep.

Rise and shine! The next morning, we heard that one of the groups camping in the place were raided by a group of thieves, taking some clothes, wallets, bag  and material things. Sadly, there is uncertainty when it comes to security in this place.

We descended early for us to spend more time at the mini falls – “Mangahan Falls”. We took a quick dip and relaxed for a while. We rented a comfort room along the trail and headed to jump-off and take our lunch.

We headed back to Manila around 1400H. “Boy Pulikat” dropped at Cainta and four of us celebrated our successful hike..

Until our next climb…

Mt. Sembrano Adventure Video <—–link



Day 1

0500 Assembly at EDSA Crossing. Take jeep to Tanay, Rizal
0700 ETA Tanay Rizal; take jeep to Pililla
0800 ETA Brgy. Malaya, Pililla (jump-off). Register.
0830 Start trek
0930 ETA Manggahan
1045 ETA North Peak
1130 ETA South Peak (summit). Lunch.
1300 Explore area
1500 Pitch Tent
1700 Prepare Dinner
1830 Dinner (socials)
Lights Out??

Day 2

0600 Breakfast
0700 Start Descend
0830 ETA Mangahan Falls (explore)
1000 ETD Jump-off
1100 ETA Jump-off (lunch)
1230 ETD Manila
1500 ETA Manila


Budget Breakdown:

8 Boni – Crossing
51 – Crossing – Tanay
20 – Tanay – Brgy. Malaya
20 – Reg Fee
40 – Share Food

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