Metro Manila

La Mesa Eco Park

La Mesa Eco Park is an affordable place for family picnics and gatherings. This is a perfect place to breath fresh air and to have a picnic.

Planning for a trip within Metro Manila? Take your family and friends and visit La Mesa Watershed and Eco Park, and experience fun and adventure that’s close to nature.

This place boasts of facilities for outdoor activities like biking, boating, fishing and swimming. There is also a large picnic ground. It is also popular location for aspiring photographers.


The park’s landscape and scenic view provide a nice background. So if you want to relax and want to spend less time traveling, visit this place and prepare yourselves to be closer to nature.


Budget Breakdown:

23 – Cogeo – Cubao
13 – Cubao – Winson St.
10 – Tricycle to Eco Park Entrance
50 – Entrance Fee
50 – Share Food
10 – Eco Park – Winson St.
13 – Winson St. – Cubao
23 – Cubao – Cogeo

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