Mt. Malipunyo Traverse Manabu Peak

Mt. Malipunyo belongs to the Malarayat mountain range, located around the municipalities of Sto Tomas and Talisay Batangas.

The traverse hike can be done in many ways – depending on the entry and exit point the group will choose. The itinerary can also vary depending on the number of peaks desired, and if there is a sidetrip.

Our chosen entry point is Sitio Talisay, assisted by our guide “Kuya Mario”. At first the weather is not that good, as it’s been raining since we left Manila. We dropped by at Fiesta Mall and took our breakfast while waiting for Kuya Mario.

We started our trek around 0900H and reached the first water source around lunch time. As the rain continued, the trail started to become muddy and slippery. We reached peak 1, then peak 2 a few minutes after, and decided to set our camp at peak 3.

We decided not proceed with our socials that night due to bad weather. We broke our camp early the next morning and took few pictures (we weren’t able to get clearing due to the weather conditions) as a remembrance of our hike. Afterwards, we continued witht our traverse going to Manabu Peak.

There was a time along the trek when the rain suddenly stopped, enough for us to see a clear view of surroundings. Some trail sign can be seen. Our guide is well-versed about the trail so we’re pretty much confident during our trek.

The best part of our traverse going to Manabu was when were able to feast on a lot of fruits trees like pomelo, dalandan, mango, buko among others, and this serve as our trail food..

Follow our traverse to Manabu Peak… <—–link


Our Itinerary:

Day 1

0400 assembly gate2
0500 ETA ALPS terminal-Cubao
0600 ETD to Lipa
0800 ETA Fiesta Mall Lipa Batangas, take jeep/tricycle to Sitio Talisay
0830 Reach jumpoff(Talisay) Start trek
1000 ETA water source
1100 ETA Susong dalaga, Lunch
1200 Descent
1300 Fork
1700 Malipunyo, Pitch camp
1800 Prepare dinner
1900 Dinner Socials
???? Lights out


0600 wakeup call / prepare breakfast & packed lunch for Manabu
0730 breakfast
0800 exploration
0830 breakcamp
0900 descent/trek to manabu
1100 Lunch
1200 Resume trek
1530 ETA Manabu / Explore vicinity
1700 Reach Sto Thomas
1830 ETD Cubao
2000 ETA Cubao
2100 Cogeo

Mt. Malipunyo-Manabu Traverse Video <——


Budget Breakdown:

24 – Cogeo – Cubao
130 – Cubao – Lipa
20 – Tricycle – Jump-Off
10 – Reg Fee
50 – Share Guide

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