Mt. Irid | Freedom Climb 2011

Mt. Irid is a neighboring mountain of Mt. Tukduan-banoi situated in Sitio Sadlak, , with a towering height of 1,469 meters above sea level and known the highest peak in Tanay, Rizal

Mt. Tukduan Banoi (link) <—— 

early morning view

As we continue our Freedom Climb adventure, our group had a chance to summit Mt. Irid, This is not mandatory, and each one has his/her own choice if they want to go or not. Of course I’m “IN” I love mountains and I want to test my limit, so our journey continue.

freedom climb!
flag ceremony

After the flag ceremony, we had a quick debriefing. We started our trek around 0700H, following co-mountaineers along the trail. The first part of the trail is a wide trail with dense grasslands, Then the next part involved woodlands, where there steep trails in which you had  to rely on branches and roots for support

summit assault

There are instances where we would need to enter cracks on the wall or rocks just to get through.

the summit!

After three hours of trekking, we reached the Mt. Irid Summit. This summit is quite different – it has a large clearing with large chunk of stones, comporable to those limestone formations in Palawan. Other mountains can be also seen in the area.


I really enjoyed reaching this summit, it’s my 3rd. The wide range of sierra madre can be seen, It was a rewarding experience for me.

protect our forest

After some picture taking, we started our descend all the way to campsite. We heard that some of the mountaineers were not able to reach the summit because they got lost along the trail.

quick lunch

We left the campsite around 1500H and reached the covered court of Sta Inezl around 2100H. We’re all  tired but thankful to God for His protection.

We all arrived back at the covered court of Sta. Ines wet and tired, yet thankful to God for His protection.

Group Picture at the summit

Our two days freedom climb made me realize that there’s a beautiful place like Mt. Irid and Dumagat natives exist.

Entire Team of Tukduan and Irid Freedom Climb 2011

Until we meet again Mt.Tukduan and Mt. Irid…


Our Itinerary:

Day 0

23:00 – Assembly Time Petron Forest Hills (cogeo)

Day 1
02:00 – ETD Brgy. Sta. Ines
04:00 – Stay at Covered Court at Brgy Sta Ines
(Coutesy call @ Brgy Hall and Military Detachment)
06:00 – Breakfast / Prepare Packed Lunch
07:00 – Start Trek to Sitio Sadlak (Prepare for 11 river crossings)
11:30 – Eat lunch at Kubo near Water falls
13:00 – Start descent to
14:00 – ETA Basecamp
14:30 – Set Camp/Sight seeing/Picture taking
17:00 – Prepare Dinner
18:00 – Dinner
18:30 – SOCIALS

Day 2
05:00 – Breakfast / Prepare Packed Lunch / Break Camp

06:00 – Start trekking to Irid Peak
11:00 – Summit of Irid Peak, Explore the summit take picture/Lunch
12:00 – Start descend to Sitio Sadlak Bunkhouse / Prepare to trek back to Brgy. Sta. Ines
17:00 – Brgy. Sta. Ines / Wash-Up
18:00 – Ride rented Jeep going to Cogeo Jeep Terminal
20:00 – Cogeo Jeep Terminal


Budget Breakdown:

500 Freedom Climb Reg Fee (t-shirts, baller, Souvenir etc..)
300 Cogeo-Sta Inez (vice versa)
150 Share Food

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