Club Manila East

Club Manila East is located in the Municipality of Taytay, province of Rizal. Resort is open from 8am-5pm during day swimming. They have giant, olympic-sized and wave pools. They also offer ziplining, kayaking and provides instructor for surfing.

OYAT’s annual gathering

Me and my College friends organize an annual summer get-away. This year, the original plan was to go to Anawangin Cove in Zambales, but due to the unavailibility of some of us for the last two days and due to its lengthy travel from Metro Manila, we decided to push through with our PLAN B; we chose to go to CMA – “Club Manila East” in Taytay Rizal. It’s an ideal get-away place as it is close to Metro Manila, and that most of us are within the vicinity of Rizal.

Jolly Hotdog!


Bringing of food is not allowed. But many of food store can be found inside the resort (still a business). We rented a large cottage with padlocks so we won’t be concern leaving our things behind.


We ended our trip with a muscle pain because of jumping every time we have a picture taking and of course a smile in our face. Until our next yearΒ  “OYAT” summer get-away.

Group Picture

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