Mystical Cave

When boredom strike, you think of ways to fight it. Most of the time we eat, watch movies, listen to the radio and even texting. Speaking of texting.. Alex and Mae visited Raygie’s place, and texted me to come and have snacks – just a simple gathering.

exploring the area
entering the cave

After a lot of stories we shared. They searched for a nearby place within the vicinity of Antipolo to explore. Then we thought visiting this so called “Mystical Cave”.

exploring the cave with our local guide

The cave is actually already developed – steps were already constructed at the cave entrance, the cave floor filled with earth to have it leveled and rudimentary electric lighting introduced for benefit of the tourists.

exploring the other side
enjoying the moment

The cave, they say, has its mystical way of granting favors. People come and go here to pray for miracle and healing.

calling the day

That was my first ever cave encounter. It was a great experience for us, and I hope I can see more of this in the future.

Group Picture

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